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  • "97% of the people out there won't care about what you do. Act accordingly."


  • "Money is not for buying things. Things don’t make us happy. Money is for buying ourselves some freedom to do the things that make us happy."


  • "Being unrealistic is the most realistic thing you could do."


  • "You just need one person who cares about what you do. And that person is you. And no one else. It all starts with you."


  • "We always think we have enough time. Until we realize there's no more time left."


  • "The only way to stay ahead of the curve is to create your own curve."


  • "Be the dealer. Don't be the junkie. The dealer always wins. And the junkie always dies."


  • "The only person you should try to please is your 80 year old self."


  • "It's hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel when you keep your eyes closed.."


  • "Most advice doesn’t work. Because most advice comes from people who’ve never even done the things they're taking about. And that's dangerous."


  • "Being able to build something out of nothing is the most important skill. For what? For everything!"


  • "Why are people who write about millionaire habits not millionaires?"


  • "No one will magically find out about you."


  • "The things you don't want to do are usually the things you should be doing. They're almost always the things that will get you where you want to be."


  • "Don't let other people's reality be your reality.."


  • "Today it's easier to get started than ever before. That's why most people give up so easily. Because it was so easy to begin with."


  • "When you hate your job you'll never be able to do more than just mediocre work."


  • "Don't listen too all the life advice out there. It's all B.S. Just like this right here."


  • "No one starts as an expert. We all start from the bottom. And have to work our way to the top."


  • "The only thing that will ever lead to quality is quantity. To do it over and over again. That’s the only way."


  • "Be a Warrior, not a Worrier!"


  • "New ways of doing things never work. Until they do. Just like old ways of doing things always work. Until they dont."


  • "Constantly thinking about things won’t get you anywhere. You'll never find a solution just by thinking about it. You've gotta start doing."


  • "Not getting it right is part of the process of getting it right."


  • "How long does it take to change the world? As long as it takes to change yourself. So probably your whole life."


  • "Focusing on results won't get you results. Focusing on the actions that produce results will get you results."


  • "It's easy to forget all the things you have when all you do is to focus on the things you don't have."


  • "Perfection will only hold you back"


  • "Never listen to anyone who has never done what you're doing or want to do. Ignore your parents, your friends and pretty much everybody else."


  • "Trading time for money is not freedom. It’s a prison. The only way you’ll ever be able to make more money is to trade more of your time."


  • "The only way to beat the system is to know the system. Inside out."


  • "It's not what you do on your good days that will make you. It's almost always what you do on your bad days that will either make you or break you."